Bespoke Training

Bespoke Training

We like to create training courses specifically tailored to our clients.

This can range from taking our off-the-shelf training packages and incorporating local terminology and business systems so that the training is more accessible to candidates, through to a fully bespoke integrated training and continuous improvement implementation program.

Examples of bespoke training include:
  • Root Cause Analysis - working with a client to develop an incident investigation/ root cause analysis business process, then training out both tools and techniques for incident investigations and the business process
  • Process Confirmation (also known as Layered Process Audit) - short training sessions for a departmental implementation team followed by workshops to develop and apply Process Confirmation in the business
  • Team Leader Training - development of business process systems for Standard Work for Team Leaders integrated into a training package delivered onsite for Team Leaders covering Standard Work, coaching and mentoring of teams, developing and reinforcing culture to cover Process Safety Leadership, continuous improvement and team working
  • Standard Operating Procedures - evolving our standard SOP training to be specific to the client based on an initial workshop with the business process owner to improve the SOP format and content. The training has become a popular and interactive two day course loaded with exercises, discussions, exploration of related topics, and learning by doing
  • Six Sigma Programs - supporting the implementation of Six Sigma and Lean Sigma initiatives by providing tailored training and support for Green Belt and Black Belt candidates

We can support larger site initiatives and change programs too. Please call us to discuss how we can support a rapid business change program.