We bring our experience of actually implementing the tools and techniques of continuous improvement and human factors to our training courses. We are not trainers, we are facilitators, consultants and experts in our topics with a huge range of knowledge and experience built up over years of doing the do, building up valuable lessons along the way.

We think we are better trainers and consultants because of this.

We bring with us a wealth of stories, anecdotes and case studies to bring the topics alive. They help us relate to your situation and incorporate into our training advice on how to approach problems, to implement to the tools and techniques, to help you become better and more productive.

Off The Shelf Training

We have a range of already developed training packages which we can either deliver in-house for you or use as the basis for developing a bespoke training course suited for your site

Bespoke Training

We like to create training courses specifically tailored to our clients, ranging from adapting our off-the-shelf training packages to a fully bespoke integrated training and continuous improvement implementation program