SQCDP Meetings (Tier Meetings) and Visual Management Systems

SQCDP Meetings (Tier Meetings) and Visual Management Systems

SQCDP (standing for Safety, Quality, Cost, Delivery, People) is a methodology of visually measuring across a balanced range of metrics to improve a business’ identification, control, resolution and prevention of issues. When implemented well it will change the behaviour of your site personnel as they increase their focus on the key issues of the day and align their priorities to that of the business so improving their team working.

  • Issues are caught quicker
  • Problems are escalated faster
  • Actions are implemented sooner
  • Production runs faster and smoother
  • Nothing gets forgotten and brushed under the carpet
  • Team working improves
  • Frustrations reduce

To structurally create the environment to review the metrics, SQCDP or Tier meetings are set up. These are designed to regularly review the metrics, capture next steps and review previous actions. Anything that needs escalating is taken to the next tier meeting up in the organisation, where an equivalent and relevant set of metrics are also reviewed. There should therefore be a clear line of site from the first Tier meeting and its metrics all the way up to the board room.

SQCDP is often implemented with problem solving processes such as 4C and Root Cause Analysis or other similar techniques such as 5 Whys, Fishbones/ Cause and Effect diagrams, or A3 Problem Solving.

You do not have to use the acronym SQCDP - we know companies that have used alternatives. The key things is that there is a balanced spread of measures to prevent a distortion of behaviours.