Lean Management Systems

Lean, and other Operational Excellence models, require cultural changes in a business so that the use of the new tools and techniques become standard, leading to a common view of "This is how we do things here".

Cultural models tell us that three things are required to achieve cultural change:

  1. Targets and objectives
  2. Processes and Systems
  3. Coaching and Mentoring

Policy Deployment helps to set the targets and objectives for the business and ensure everyone's own targets align to the business.

SQCDP puts in place regular monitoring of performance, ensures cross functional alignment to the top issues that need to be addressed, initiates and tracks actions holding personnel to account leading to quicker responses and more stable operations.

Process Confirmation introduces monitoring of critical business and safety systems providing confidence of adherence, and introduces regular coaching and mentoring focused on behaviours.

And Standard Diaries pulls all of this together into a daily routine, giving rhythm and structure that enables teams to perform at a higher level.

SQCDP Meetings (Tier Meetings) and Visual Management Systems

Tier Meetings and structured communication systems fundamentally change the working environment and instill new ways of working. They can have poweful impacts on day to day performance, delivering increased control and stability of operations.

Policy Deployment

Policy Deployment is an approach for engaging with all levels of an organisation to set and agree targets and objectives. It is a two way communication process to ensure that not only are targets and objectives set, but that the resources required are identified and provided.

Process Confirmation

Process Confirmation is a favourite tool of ours - it is a solution desperate for a problem to fix. It is a powerful approach for setting and sustaining a business culture, for uncovering problems, for improving visibility of management and business leaders.

Standard Diaries

Standard Diaries is about giving a rhythm and beat to an organisation - everyone knows what they have to do by when, and disruptions are discouraged.