Human Factors

Human Factors looks at the interaction between human beings and the systems and environment with which they interact and operate within, with the objective of reducing errors.

The study of all the factors that make it easier to do the job the right way

Often the factors are split into three areas:

  • The individual at work
  • The task being carried out
  • The workplace or organisation within which the individual works and the task is carried out in

We have the ability to carry out the full range of Human Factors studies and activities, typically executed to improve process safety. Therefore we are usually talking about Major Accident Hazard sites that are regulated under COMAH.

That is not to say Human Factors is just restricted to this type of industry, it is relevant wherever errors and mistakes are undesirable, for example in healthcare. But the approach will have to be adapted to the potential consequence of the error. In other words, there has to be a cost justification and where that justification is low the approach has to be adapted to reduce the cost.

Human Factors studies and activities we can provide include:

  • Control Room assessments
  • Emergency response
  • Usability
  • Cultural assessments
  • Human Reliability Analysis

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Human Reliability Analysis

There are a lot of cross overs between HRAs and Mistake/ Error Proofing, SOPs, Process Confirmation and culture, giving us at Haden Freeman C.I. some unique perspectives on HRAs and increasing our capability in developing solutions for you.