Rapid Improvement Activities

We like doing the do. Rapid Improvement Activities are about making changes and delivering improvements.

We work with a team of your personnel, facilitating a process to achieve a targeted improvement. This could be a broad target (such as "We need to increase throughput on a process") to a more specific objective (perhaps "We need to reduce a turnaround/ planned outage by X percent"). Either way, by working with your team we ensure ownership resides with the team and not us – they find the problems, they problem solve to find the ideas, the solutions are theirs, the actions are owned by them.

There is a powerful side effect of a facilitated improvement activity, a Kaizen activity – massively increased morale, interest, and ownership. You may not recognise the team by the end of the event.

Kaizen events with client teams

We excel at running rapid improvement events (kaizen events) working with a client team to analyse current process performance, identify opportunities and to implement actions to deliver improvements.

Engineering, Maintenance and Reliability Improvements

We have a lot of capability and know-how when it comes to improving the reliability and maintenance performance of your plant, from optmising maintenance routines to root cause analysis, from TPM to PCM, and more.