Lean Tools & Techniques

Workplace Organisation 5S/5C

Workplace Organisation (5S) is sometimes viewed as the foundation tool of Lean. We can help make those foundations a solid base on which to build your continuous improvement journey.

Changeover Reduction (SMED)

Changeover Reduction is extremely powerful and flexible. It can be used to addresses fundamental capacity losses in any process – it is about more than just product changeovers.

Standard Operating Procedures and Standard Work

Organisations are increasingly writing SOPs or Work Instruction formats based on Lean formats – a tabular format with pictures and diagrams. However, these formats are frequently misunderstood and fail to provide the benefit they should. We are leading proponents of Lean SOPs.

Root Cause Analysis/ Incident Investigation/ Problem Solving

When something goes wrong, if the cause is not discovered and addressed it will go wrong again. Root Cause Analysis is fundamental to driving efficient improvements in performance. You employ people for their problem solving ability. Invest in their ability to problem solve.

Pull/ Single Piece Flow

Pull is a way of reducing the effort involved in planning and scheduling production - controlling production to only produce what is required by downstream processes in time for when it is required.

Other C.I. Tools, including Visual Management, Mistake or Error Proofing, Waste Elimination, Plan Do Check Act

There are many different Lean tools and techniques - too many to able to provide a page for each one. Here of some the less frequent used but none-the-less still powerful tools